About Eclectic-Oddities

Obsessively creative Eclectic-Oddities gives me the freedom to not only create art from useful items, but also to share these items with others.  I love playing with paper and other fiber mediums such as yarn.
As a Mommy of an amazing first grader I get inspired by some of the needs that come up in our daily life.  Such as the functional fingerless mittens for children, which came about when a search for wheelchair mittens came up with a very disappointing selection.  Now we can have a pair that matches every outfit giving me an opportunity to come up with new ways to jazz them up and share them with all of you.

Hand-knit mittens in my opinion need not be the mittens of our grandmothers era (although the basic pattern is  almost perfect). Taking on fun ways to make them completely fun and artistic

My love of fiber does not end with yarn but rolls over into paper, after one of those life experiences that forces a lot of extra time on you, I learned origami, and quickly fell in love with this paper craft.  I take this classic paper art farther and design ornaments that are made to last.

Come and join the fun!